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Music and French for Fun (3 - 6 years)
RTE radio and television presenter Roisin Mooney who presented and appeared on such programmes as 'The Morbegs' and 'Ivory Towers' has for the past twelve years also been teaching French and Music combined to children between 3 and 10. Being Kodaly trained and with a 1er degree in French from the Alliance Francaise she derives great pleasure from sharing her love of both music and French with children.

In 'Musicisland' all the 'Musicislanders' are taken on a magical trip to 'Musicisland' with puppets. In 'Musicisland' there is a magical mystery box which is opened every week and to the delight of the children there is always something in the box which determines the theme of the class. Once the children have arrived in 'Musicisland' they are introduced to beat, rhythm, percussion, notation and orchestra in a fun way!

Every child is born with the ability to speak any language in the world and the principle of Kodaly is that there is no such thing as a child who is not musical. The key to fostering these inborn talents is early exposure. The aim in this class is to introduce and expose the young child to the wonderful world of music and French! The emphasis is achieving this is on fun, fun, fun!!

The programmes that are followed are the Skoldo series which is aimed at very young children and the very popular audio-visual BBC character 'Muzzy' who has been a great hit with all the children. Both these programmes introduce the children to French in an informal fun way and the children learn so much without being aware they are doing so. The children are also introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and beat and rhythm through appropriate stories and live recordings. The class combines French and music together so a lot of songs the children learn are in French and a lot of the vocabulary they learn is through music which makes learning more fun!!


Sporty D I D Y O U K N O W... that the base of all learning begins with movement……

Mr Sporty is a big fan of The Magic Roundabout – he loves everyone there!

Playball Kids has been coaching the multi sports programme since May 2008 to the Montessori and After Schoolers. There have also been Playball parties and Sports Days.

Not alone does Playball introduce sports skills, but also valuable life skills such as goal setting, independence, concentration, mid line crossing, team work, sportsmanship, discipline and more. It also gives children an insight to:-

Flexibility Flexibility Fitness Fitness and Fun Fun.

For more details ask the management at The Magic Roundabout or check out www.kids.playball.ie or contact Emma on 087 226 2828 or emma@playball.ie

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