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Baby Room
Our baby room caters for children from 4 months up to approximately 16 months.

Baby Room
All baby room staff are fully trained Nursery Nurses with First Aid training.

Our baby room provides a calm, nurturing environment for your baby in the first months of their lives.

Wobbler / Toddler Room
Our Wobbler/Toddler room caters for children from 16 months to 2˝ years.

Here the children are given every opportunity to learn, play and discover within a High/Scope environment.

There is a focus on art and crafts, music, drama, messy and purposeful play in order to develop the children’s senses, independence and concentration.

Wobbler Toddler 1
Wobbler Toddler 2
There is a strong emphasis on physical exercise and developing the toddler’s gross motor skills, with this in mind our wobblers/toddlers have direct access to the garden.

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Montessori Room

Our Montessori rooms cater for children from 2˝ to 6 years and employ the Montessori Method of education.

Montessori 1

Our excellent Montessori curriculum is planned by our experienced teachers who encorporate each of the five areas of the Montessori Method into daily life within the classroom. This creates a well balanced plan that our children thrive on.

The term is divided by themes from the cultural area such as planting, the seasons, the water cycle and the solar system. These cultural topics are linked into the arts and crafts activities and discussed in our circle times.

Montessori 2
The classrooms are designed in such a way as to meet the developing needs of each individual child. The children are guided through a range of didactic materials at their own pace.

Our teachers create a positive and secure environment where children feel confident in exploring their surroundings.

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Montessori 3

After-School Service and Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is a service that allows children to come along in the morning and enjoy a nutritional breakfast with their friends before being dropped to school.

Our After-School Service caters for children who attend Primary School, this is a service which allows the school going child to have a relaxed afternoon of supervised care with their peers and also a chance to be with their siblings.

We provide a collection service each afternoon from local Primary Schools and offer a hot lunch, activities, homework supervision, trips and a place to relax and be themselves.

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