Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a settling period?

Yes. We offer a two-week, complimentary settling service where we slowly support your child as they transition from the home/ other service to The Magic Roundabout. During this time, we follow your child’s lead, working on building key relations. We ensure your child feels comfortable and safe in their new environment, as well as ensuring they are confidently eating and drinking while in our care along with introducing their nap schedule (if applicable). At times we may suggest to families that an extended period of time may be required to support the settling process. If this is the case, we will give parents adequate notice.

Is food provided?

Yes. We have a three-week rotating menu and while in our care your child can avail of breakfast, morning snack, a hot meal and tea. We aim to cater for all specific dietary requirements as best we can and will work in conjunction with families to ensure this.

Do you remain open all year?

We are open and operational for 49 weeks of the year. We close annually for two weeks at the start of August, as well as 1 week over the Christmas period. We also remain closed for all public holiday days.

What do I need to bring with me?

For all children starting at The Magic Roundabout, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for parents and children alike. When your child starts with us, we will ask parents to supply a bag filled with a number of changes of old clothes (trouser, tops, jumpers, vests, socks and pants). We encourage messy play, and at times your child may get wet/ dirty and need to be changed. At periods such as toilet training we will suggest parents supply additional supplies and we will advise parents when these need to be replenished. We would also ask parents to supply a packet of nappies for their child if they are still at nappy wearing stage. For children who are bottle fed by formula or breast milk, these should be prepared at home each morning, and brought to crèche each day.

Do you offer part time attendance?

Our service is a completely full-time service with all children availing of the service, registered to attend on a full-time basis.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.