Our early years curriculums

6 months - 24 months
Baby/Wobbler Room

Our baby/wobbler room caters for children from 6 months up to approximately 24 months (approx.). In our baby/wobbler room, we provide a calm, nurturing, stimulating and interactive environment for your child, understanding and striving to meet areas of development and growth throughout this stage. Children are immersed in a sensory rich environment where encouragement and affection are key.
We work in partnership with parents, offering a child led approach in our babyroom, with each child working to their own routine and schedule. We believe this approach allows each child migrate from the home to creche environment with as much ease as possible. As children in this group migrate to the stage of Wobbler, they are provided with increased opportunities to discover, play and learn in a child led, play centred environment that appeals to all senses through the mediums of craft, music, dance sensory and messy play. All areas of development and play are provided under the guidelines of the Aister and Siolate framework.

14 - 36 Months
Toddlers & Preschool

Our Toddler and Preschool rooms cater for children from approximately 14+ months to 3 years. Here the children are given every opportunity to learn, play and discover within a play based, environment following the Aistear and Siolta framework. The curriculum presented in these rooms is offered through the areas of crafts, music, drama, and all areas of play, such as independent, sensory, messy, imaginative, and purposeful play. Play is central to all areas of the childs development and is greatly encouraged in these rooms. The development of fine and gross motor skills are encouraged through outdoor activities along with table top tasks. The children are central to all areas of learning and are encouraged to share their ideas, voice their opinions and freely express themselves, taking ownership of their classroom environment. Topics and themes are discussed during group circle time activities each day.

33 Months - 5 years

Our Montessori rooms cater for children from 2¾ to 5 years and incorporate the Montessori Method of education. Our Montessori curriculum is presented in a manner that aims to incorporate the five areas of the Montessori Method (practical life, sensorial, maths, language and culture) across all areas of the daily routine. 

This is done in conjunction with the Aistear and Siolta framework, creating a well-balanced plan that our children thrive on. The term is divided by themes, often from the cultural area, such as the continents, the seasons, the solar system to name but a few, in line with following the interests of the class group. These cultural topics are discussed and focused upon during group circle times, as well as across all areas of the daily routine. Our teachers create a positive and secure environment where children feel confident in exploring their surroundings, preparing them for the eventual transition to big school.